Coach position

Coach position is probably the most fascinating competence to master, because it is the expression of who we are.

When we are in coach position we communicate through our higher self, we are able to forget our needs in order to make space to the needs of our coachees. We are genuinely interested and focused on understanding their agenda.
We all learn the essence of coach position, but even though we are prepared, there are moments when a reaction we receive, or even a topic we feel related to, might challenge our ability to maintain coach position. And when we lose it, we miss the opportunity to reach the real value of the session.

At our workshop we will explore and practice:

  • the qualities of coach position
  • the little traps we are exposed to
  • some ways to develop our capacity to maintain coach position throughout a session
  • how we can rebuild rapport when we lose it

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nächste Termine

19 Sep 2018
18:00 - 19:30
Albertina, 1010 Wien
Symbolon Art4Reflection


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